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YMCA young people mental health awareness stories  

Blesst mental health project with young people of the community this project was so mazing, Blesst support young people by given young people a platform to sharing there lived experiences of mental health in our Blesst centre digital recording studio.  Using story telling and music as the tool which resulted in young people creating a pod cast on mental health check out the photos in this project. 

BLESST believes that creativity can have tangible benefits on mental health. “Mental health problems when thinking about yourself as been difficult or rejected . BLESST allowS these young people recover through internal to external expression to restore themselves, while helping young people do this at the BLESST centre felt enormously satisfying.  When working with teenagers who are at the beginning stages of their lives and are in transistion to become independent, and interact with the wider community, society new people and new life's that are very demanding for young people today that are not really listen too on the issues of young people and mental health.

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