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YOT- Young Person

The BLEEST centre as excellent  workshops  it get us  young people off the streets and make us productive  it was like therapy and made me look at life diffrently defo go again

YOT - Young Person

The BLESST centre  is fun and the staff are welcoming places like this are important for young people to express themselves  i felt safe and got to learn a lot about myself  would go  again. 

YMCA - Young Person

The BLESST centre music workshop are really good with good support from the BLESST team they gave us a space were our voices can be heard  with things we would not really  not necessarily talk about which help boost my confidence definitely go back again. 

YMCA - Young person 

Love the BLEEST centre  it is a safe environment with nice staff  were you get to express yourself with music and media really grateful for been able to be a part of the mental health project would love to go again 

When I go to The Music club at the blesst centre studio, “I really look forward to it because I have so much great support from the blesst production team, and mentor,  Richard 

Hannadi - Support Worker

The BLESST centre is a  really good environment that allow opportunities and growth for young people and the community i met some amazing people who speak empowerment into you i like that fact that everyone supports everyone its nice to see black and ethnic minorities getting help and support to better there life. 

Roy - Youth Worker

BLESST centre is such a good space  for young people and community 

with there recording  studio and media room that engages our young people that we bring there  really have a good time while learning 

Foster parent 

My young son go to the BLESST centre every Saturday morning for music studio  the staff are so lovely and supportive and my son really enjoys is music recording sessions 

Saidul - Citizens UK

The team at BLESST  Centre are highly efficient , committed and rooted in the lives of the communities they serve 

They are integral member  institution of citizens Uk  shaping the growth of broad based community organising in our city through campaigns & innovative projects they help lead 

Claire YMCA Worker 

staff  at the BLESST are professional and always interactive  with young people through out the session our young people always talk about they want to go back  great space for young people. 

Shale - Aspire&Succeed

our experience with Blesst centre has been amazing, our partnerships work has been pivotal during these tough time  and we have been able to reon them and their team  to be reactive on the frontline  there engagement work  with hard to reach young people in our opinion is one of the best in the city  with positive impact and results 

Lauren - Support Worker

The BLESST centre is an amazing centre run by a wonderful staff  that has passion of supporting the youth and community and helping people better thing in life they have inspired as a support worker .


Visiting the BLESST centre was very refreshing to see a welcoming team of young and older people come together  to supporting  their community and young people  in a good space of engaging in activities 

Roy - Arts Teacher

I ran some  arts work shop at Blesst for young people of the black community  the blesst team was so welcoming and supportive  and  embraced my black arts culture  which made me really feel at home and in a safe space  look forward to doing more black arts workshops for  Blesst

Dr. Stevenson UOB

In my interactions and business with BLESST, I have found staff to be enthusiastic, responsive and welcoming. When arranging a 1-2-1 meeting, there is always an opportunity to meet someone else from the team and Richard and his colleagues have always demonstrated collegiality cooperation. My self and my colleagues at the University of Birmingham have been impressed with members of BLESST. 

Roger - Operations Manager

I've noticed that certain persons and companies who are in a position don't develop others but focus on their limited services after sharing this point my brief encounter with Blesst they are breaking that cycle and give great support to others in the community 

Dr. Gylnn BCU

what I have seen, at BLESST is everyone contribution towards learning and how its environment connects with the people from the community."

a learning and recreational space  were people from all backgrounds can just be themselves 

Chris - CSKN CIC 

CSKN  consider BLESST to be key partners going forward into 20201  Richard and the blesst staff team  have made aour young people feel like members of the blesst family .

as all our young people look forward to  attending the blesst centre  weekly  while offering us a home  for specialist projects that we deliver we  look forward  to a positive future with blesst 

Dr. Jeffery Aston University 

Aston University were introduced to the Blesst Centre through Citizens UK as a community partner to engage with on a project around eye health. We were made to feel really welcome and met a really great group of people that gave really useful input into our project. Our team found working with the Blesst Centre a totally uplifting experience. and hope to do more projects with Blesst in the future 

Dr. Mike Seal

Blesst is unique, it works with marginalised communities and youth

others can not reach staring from their perspectives and articulates unique unmet needs  we need more spaces like Blesst 

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